<![CDATA[Atom's Family - Blog]]>Tue, 09 Feb 2016 09:58:32 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Angina]]>Thu, 21 Jan 2016 23:47:37 GMThttp://www.ourpetpeeve.com/blog/anginaRecently, while completing my three day a week physical therapy, one of the Physical Therapy people started asking me questions about my knowledge and plans for the future should I have another "Cardiac Event."  It was pretty funny to me.  Some of the questions were, "Would you drive yourself to the hospital if you were experiencing another event"? and "When and what symptoms would you expect to experience before taking your Nitro-Glycerin"? and then "How would you identify an actual event as opposed to an episode of Angina"?  (pronounced incorrectly)

I tried not to be rude when telling them that they must have the wrong chart.  I did not expect, nor did the Doctor's involved expect me to have another event anytime soon.  Further, I did not have a prescription for Nitro-Glycerin and that my particular condition did not, and probably would not, ever warrant that.  I wanted to correct the mispronunciation, but decided not to at that point.  I went home and looked it up to make sure that I was correct.  I was actually afraid that it was some new level of fresh hell that I was not aware of.

I researched on medical websites and online dictionaries, as well as, my dictionaries at home dating back to 1929.  The word "angina" is pronounced with a long "I" sound.  Being a medical term it has a history based on Latin and according to everything I can find there is no widely accepted alternate pronunciation of the word, as with tomato or potato.
They were pronouncing it with a short "I".  I adore everyone that is reading this, because if you are a friend of mine you will understand the difference with out the following link. 

This is the correct and medically accepted way to say the word.  This is also a test
go to page and then hit the speaker button

I wanted to ask the female tech what she called her lady parts to make my point, I decided to let it go.  Let's see how many giggles and comments I get on this entry for the maiden voyage of my resurrected website and blog.  More to come with some testing and upgrades.